Caregivers are an important part of our educational community & yet often, caregivers are the last ones to hear about changes. I believe caregivers should be more actively involved in our school community. Surveys are great, but I believe we can do more. We need to breakdown the barriers that make it difficult for caregivers to be involved. When caregivers have the opportunity to be actively involved, it makes for even better decision-making.

In all governance, I believe we should be asking: 

  • Who is here?

  • Who isn't here and why aren't they here?

  • How can we make sure everyone's voices are heard? 

We know that hard decisions will have to be made this year & beyond, and I believe these decisions need to happen with the input & guidance of the people that are going to be impacted by them.


As your school board member, I will: 

  • Advocate for every person to have access to timely information from the School Board. 

  • Support initiatives for more opportunities to provide feedback.

  • Advocate for new ideas on how to engage with stakeholders. 

Equity & Inclusion


Minnesota has an opportunity-gap that is adversely impacting our students of color. Every student deserves to have a high quality education, no matter their zip code or the complexities they may face outside the school day. I believe we need to look at the policies, procedures, and barriers that impact the students that walk our halls so that we can be a school community that continues to strive towards inclusion and actively addresses the opportunity-gap.

Our communities & hallways are filled with a diverse student body​ and I believe we should have teachers and admin that look like our students. Research suggests that all students do better when there is diversity of teachers in their schools. 

As your school board member, I will: 

  • Advocate and support inclusive policies that are supportive of students. 

  • Advocate for solutions that address the opportunity-gap. 

  • Support initiatives to make sure our district is open and welcoming to teachers of color. 

I believe that no matter how complex the needs are, the Columbia Heights School District can and should work hard to provide all students a quality education that prepares them for the future. 



As caregivers, when we send our children to school, we want to know that the buildings they go to are safe, with enough space for them to learn & grow. In 2018, our community passed a referendum to increase safety at North Park & provide equity in our performance spaces at the High School. Right now, where our students learn is shifting between Distance Learning & In Person Learning. When we all go back to school in-person, we want to know that our schools are providing that safety & if changes need to be made, our community will continue to be involved. 

I believe that safety is more than just physical safety--it has to include mental health too! In Minnesota, there is one licensed school counselor for every 723 students. During typical school years, this wasn't enough. With the pandemic impacting every area of life for students & families, it is clear: we need more support

These investments don't come cheap, however, which means we need to continue to put pressure on the state & federal government to live up to their promises to fully invest in our students. I believe in creating partnerships at all levels to advocate for legislative support to ease the burden of taxes on our community. 

As your school board member, I will: 

  • Support continued investment in our buildings to make sure the physical space is safe. ​

  • Fight for increased school supports to make sure our students & families thrive.

  • Advocate for increased investment in our student's physical & mental health.